The Or Festival

The Or Festival annually produces a showcase of 10 minute plays that are written, dramaturged, directed and performed by local Vancouver artists as well as Deaf and Hard of Hearing Artists from across Canada. Each play, selected anonymously by our panel of curators, receives a full production, complete with dramaturgical support, direction and presentation at a local theatre.

Our Purpose

The Vancouver community and Deaf and Hard of Hearing community are filled with incandescent individuals who have bright lights and outstanding stories within them. We’ve created this festival to enable local artists to step into their dream theatre role and have an opportunity to share these stories in their own unique way.

Or is a connecting word. It is our goal to create a bridge between the Hearing and Deaf & Hard of Hearing Theatre communities. Our symbol of the stained glass window represents individuals coming together to form a mosaic of art that represents the vibrant, colourful nature of this city. We will never forget any of the plays or people that are a part of this festival. They will indelibly colour our soul, like stained glass. 

Thank You

The Or Festival would not be possible without the artists and audiences. We are very excited to meet the audiences this year. We hope you invite someone who has never seen theatre before to experience the Or Festival!

Finally, we are so thankful for the outstanding support that lifts this festival from an idea to reality incarnate every year. We are infinitely grateful to be able to live and create theatre in Vancouver.